Swap body with steam system up to DN 1200

Swap body with steam system up to DN 1200

The swap body is equipped with a modern, PLC-controlled steam system for the curing of pipe liners. The system includes a water tank with a water treatment system. The steam generator is powered by an oil burner and, together with the pressure parameters, can be precisely controlled via the operator desk. The complete system is autonomous and provides comprehensive documentation of all data during the curing process. The soundproof room of the operator desk can also be accessed via a side entrance and contains a kitchenette with hand wash basin.

Slide Sound and heat insulation
wall to operator desk
Generator room with
power generator, blower
and aftercooler
Oil burner control with
connection to Siemens PLC
Control valves and
Steam pressure mixers
Steam generator with
1200 kg/h steam capacity
Electrical area with
switchboard and control system

Workbench area in the rear

System and operator desk

Side door power generator and side access to the social room with stairs

Slide Small compressor for
preparation and finishing
of the rehabilitation
Social area with folding
table, bench and hanging
Feed water tank with
duplex water treatment
Shelving system with
storage for tools
Supply water pump and feed
water pump in the
lower section
Extendable staircase access
with double doors