Truck for LED and conventional epoxy rehabilitation

Truck for LED and conventional epoxy rehabilitation

The 7.5-ton truck is designed for liner rehabilitation up to DN 300 and was additionally equipped with a separate social area including a kitchenette. The vehicle comes with all the equipment and systems needed to prepare, impregnate, calibrate and install inliners directly on the job-site. An inversion drum and an electrically driven calibration unit including conveyor belt are the main components of the vehicle. Thanks to the space-saving integration of an underfloor generator, there is no need to rely on external power sources during the rehabilitation process. A milling robot for the house connection area and a CityLED curing system are also on board.

Slide Storage racks above and
below the conveyor belt
Vacuum pump
Synchronously driven
conveyor belt to the
calibration unit
Calibration unit
Midi DN 300
with filling device
and compressor
Liner storage rack with tool
Social room with folding
table, benches, locker and
Compressor with air dryer
and cooler

Safety equipment and foil roller

Ventilation for resin filling

Side flap power generator

Slide Mobile milling robot
system and CityLED
curing system
Social room with
kitchenette and storage
Work bench with
storage shelves and
drawer system
Climate chambers for
rehabilitation materials
(resin, hardener, etc.)
Thunder Drum 600
Inversion drum for inliner
up to DN 300
Electric tail lifter with load
capacity up to 1000 kg